Our pharmacy offer fast and friendly service with wait times usually less than 15 minutes and our pharmacist is always available to explain every detail of your prescription to you.

We accept all major insurance plans in the Russellville area including Arkansas Medicaid and AR KIDS, and we will help you navigate the maze of your prescription plans drug formulary. We even have a large number of drug manufacturer coupons and co-pay assistance cards to further reduce the cost of your prescription and in some cases even make them FREE!

We have a convenient drive-thru window for prescription drop-off and pick-up and we offer free in-town delivery of prescriptions.

Do you have trouble getting your child to take medicine due to its taste? We have a solution its called FLAVORx. FLAVORx is a liquid medicine flavoring system which allows us to change the flavor of any liquid medicine. There are many great flavors to chose from such as grape, watermelon, cherry, banana, bubblegum and many more. If your child is finicky come see us we are sure to have a flavor he or she will love!

We are now offering the Simplify my Meds refill coordination program. Its like having a single prescription - instead of 10!

- No need to phone in prescription refills

- Fewer trips to the pharmacy

- No worries about running out of medication

- Monthly reminder call from the pharmacy to pick up your refills

Along with the Simply my Meds program we also offer the Dispill system. With this system we prepare every medicine you take in packs. Each dose is prepared for you and takes the guess work out of your daily medication regimen. We can even add vitamins and supplements to your dose packs. This system makes it easy to manage your (or a loved ones) daily medicines. You no longer have to manage multiple pill bottles with multiple dosage times or spend valuable time filling pill boxes, its all done for you and checked by a pharmacist for accuracy so you have peace of mind. With Dispill you will always take the right dose of the right medication at the right time, every time. Let us manage your medicine so you can manage your life!

Our newest program is the Healthy Kids Vitamin Program. With this program children ages 4 to 12 are able to get a 30 day supply of multivitamins for free each month! There are no strings attached just stop by and sign your kids up and get your first bottle today!


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